Vapor abrasive blasting - How it works


The wet abrasive sandblasting of torbo ENGINEERING KEIZERS GmbH offers unique advantages over the conventional methods. The decisive factor is the interaction of blast media, water and pressure. Because these three factors can be metered separately and independently, the application range is wide splayed - from absolutely gentle to extremely powerful cleaning.

The Vapor abrasive technique is always the same:

  1. In the working process each grain of the abrasive is already surrounded in the vessel with water. In this way the dust protection is most effectively activated.

  2. The surface tension of the water formed each grain to a perfect sphere, which fits perfectly into the air stream and ensures an optimized flow rate.

  3. The water layer acts as a lubricant which substantially prevents the wear of the tubes and the nozzles of the system.

  4. On the surface the grain immediately stops completely while the water layer moves on and prevents the rebound of the grain.

  5. Then the water jacket opened and pulls the grain down. The result is a cleaned surface.

Depending on the blasting media, set pressure and water content the blast can strike the surface as gently that you can clean a raw egg with it or it can be so powerful that a thick layer of paint will be removed.


The advantages of the vapor / wet sand blasting over other methods:


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