Monument Preservation


Historical buildings and works of art, sculptures and monuments are exposed to numerous burdens in the public space, which endanger their continued existence. In addition to deliberate damage, it is above all airborne contaminants that cause irretrievable damage to irretrievable cultural assets. With the torbo wet abrasive sandblasting system you can stop the decay of these First-Toric cultural assets. The torbo process removes even coarse dirt without damaging the highly sensitive surface of the monument to a minimum.

Your applications to use torbo for: 

What concrete objects have been previously been blasted with torbo, you will see in our sample database.


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This way you and the historical cultural treasures are guaranteed to be on the safe side!

On the picture on top you can see the Marble Church of Kopenhaven/Denmark. More information about the object you can find here.

You are faced with the difficult task of cleaning a sensitive monument?
To decide which machine is best for your monument cleaning, we will be happy to advise you. Simply call or write an email!

You can download the current flyer on the subject of "Monument Preservation" here (PDF) or in our Download Area.
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