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Offshore means to be exposed to the elements in a extreme way. In corrosive seawater, objects sunlight, storm, water pressure, wave and salt without forfeiting functionality. This is permanent heavy duty work for the surfaces.

The maintenance of surfaces in the petrochemical industry is a particularly sensitive area of ​​operation. The proximity to flammable and highly explosive materials makes a maximum of caution necessary.


Your applications to use torbo for: 

What offshore and petrochemical objects have been previously been blasted with torbo, you will see in our sample database.


Your benefits with torbo:

Wet sandblasting systems of torbo prevented by the water content in the mixture hot sparks or static electricity. A clear enhancement of the safety makes the benefit of the people and the equipment. No wonder that our method has been used successfully for years in this area. Optionally we offer you special ATEX configurations according to ATEX directive 94/9/EC.


With the new torboMate, which adheres to magnetic surfaces and moving under remote control, the large areas in offshore or petrochemical industry are cleaned quickly and efficiently.

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