ATEX Machines

Blasting without risk even in explosive areas!

ATEX: Ex-protection is not equal to explosion protection! The ATEX standard forms the basis for the approval of our machines and devices, which have been used for 25 years in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Since 1 July 2003, the ATEX standard has replaced all national standards and regulates the execution of the required explosion protection taking into account the special requirements for the respective areas of application. For this reason, our employees have taken part in an intensive training course on the EC Directive 94/9/G on explosion protection.

Because more and more oil, gas and chemical plants are prescribing our torbo ATEX machines for sandblasting work in explosion-protected areas. torbo can be connected directly to compressed air ring lines on the oil and gas island as well as on the platforms without the help of rental compressors. This saves additional costs.

Even "on voyage repair", i. e. On-board maintenance on oil and LNG tankers is no problem for the torbo machines and makes torbo easy for shipping companies.

Many Atex machines with the identification

Group II Category 2a and 2b / T6 / 85°C / GD

have already been delivered to satisfied customers.


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