The XL models

May it be a little bit more...?

Devices of this class are characterized by a large vessel volume and therefore they only need 1 to 4 vessel fills in a day.

torbo XL

240 l



Compressed air connection

15,0 m³

Compressed air max./minute

Our XL-version has plenty of power for any remedial measure. The torbo system shows its strength with heavy inserts. With ease it cope the removal of concrete slurry, the removal of old paint and the deburring and descaling of metals, as well as the removal of oxidation layers on steel.

torbo XLS

240 l



Compressed air connection

Additional dosing

for blasting media

The XLS version is our specialist for steel and concrete refurbishment. Wherever power is required, the torbo XLS is way ahead. Especially the ship refurbishment (Dry docks) have long trusted in the strength of our "Giant". Of course you can get this machine with all the known increases: 320 l vessel, ATEX version or stainless steel cabinet.

optionally with

320 l vessel

also available as

ATEX version

Technical data:
  torbo XL
Boiler size 240 l. (320 l.)
Water tank —-
Hose reels —-
Compressor —-
Blasting media consumption (min-max) 14,4 to 288 (XL-S: 576) l/h (depending on the metering / setting)
Water consumption (min-max) 3,6 to 72 (XL-S: 144) l/h
Compressed-air connection (min-max) 4 - 15 m³/min
4 - 10 bar
Water connection (min-max) 0 - 12 bar
Blasting hose connection 49 mm / 2 inch
Power supply 12 volt / 3 (9) watt
Dimensions (LxWxH), ca. 1.100 x 750 x 1.360 mm (1.260 x 750 x 1.490 mm)
Tade weight, ca. 220 - 300 kg (245 - 320 kg)
Perm. total weight 900 kg (1.100 kg)

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