Cleaning the oil platform


The german company Muehlhan restored numerous wind farms and platforms. The plants are constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions at sea and must be regularly maintained so they retain their functionality for a long time. To get the best result the specialists of Muehlhan use in the field of corrosion protection preferably the machine of torbo. Particularly in the harsh offshore environment the benefits of torbo devices are more significantly then other blasting techniques.

Little dust, rapid deployment, flexible on-site handling and a low need for blasting media and workers per machine. All these things make the work of the workers of Muehlhan a little easier. And the best part: The blasting result also surpasses that of most other methods. With torbo they can easily clean the platform and the corrosion process almost stopped completely in the corroded areas. Incidentally also the finest and coarse dirt can be removed from the steel surfaces. Because depending on the setting of the machine it can be remove stubborn dirt without causing much as a scratch on the protective coating of the plants.




On oil platforms and other plants the torbo machines will still be able to score with different features. In the so-called ATEX version the machines can also be used in explosive areas. Thanks to a special coating and pneumatic control the machine charges not static and generates no hazardous sparks. For the company Muehlhan all these arguments were decisive for using torbo machines in the offshore sector. Meanwhile Muehlhan has several torbo devices and they are very satisfied with the result of the machines work.


The photos above were provided to us directly from our contact person at the company. On various photos and video clips you can see them work with the wet sandblasting systems of torbo „offshore“ and the pictures documented the work in really impressive pictures.

We are pleased that our machines were found by this reputable company and they also have proved that they make many things possible in the offshore sector.


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