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For a clean city image

Building facades, streets or public transport - many of these items over the years often the overall picture of a city. But this is not just the "normal" signs of use such as pollution from city traffic, but rather to intended disfigurements. Various graffiti and chewing gum residues are not only unsightly to look at but at the same time extremely difficult to remove. Often chemical products are used for cleaning, which have only moderate success. In recent years more and more municipalities have discovered the benefits of torbo wet sandblasting systems for their cities.



"After an intensive evaluation of this method I can give the following assessment: The process can be use for a wide variety of stones (from well preserved to seriously erode), because it is adjustable."       
(Matthias Gliemann, Municipality of Mühlhausen)



Hart and gentle

Thanks to the use of torbo devices the cityscape of many municipalities has embellished. The advantages for the municipal use lie obvious: Employees must not wear elaborate, heavy protective clothing. This allows them to use the blasting machine safer and endurance gently. In addition, no emission tents in front of the work have to be built; thanks to the mixture of abrasive and water there is hardly any emission. The low consumption of water and blasting media is also not only cost effective but also environmentally friendly. And what is even more important for the city cleaning: The units of torbo are universally applicable whether on concrete or fine natural stone.

Although the facade of your city disappear behind chewing gum and graffiti, we will help you to find the solution that your city is soon clean again. Simply contact us!


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