Norway, Oil Platform (Offshore)
Poland, Chemistry Group (Petrochemicals)


The fight against the elements

Whether the oil platform in Norwegian waters or the pipelines in Poland: The experts in these industries rely on the torbo devices. Offshore means to be exposed to the elements in a extreme way. In corrosive seawater, objects sunlight, storm, water pressure, wave and salt without forfeiting functionality. This is permanent heavy duty work for the surfaces. Regular maintenance of surfaces is essential if these requirements are met at all times.





"Of the participating experts torbo the wet sandblasting system was evaluated as a cleaning method that represents a solution of significant problems, particularly in the petrochemical sector."

No not sparks

The maintenance of surfaces in the petrochemical industry is a particularly sensitive area of ​​operation. The proximity to flammable and highly explosive materials makes a maximum of caution necessary. The safety factor that benefits people and blasting system is the ATEX configuration, which is also used in the petrochemical sector for years and has become indispensable there.


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