Leipzig, Völkerschlachtdenkmal (Battle of the Nations Monument)


To commemorate the dead of the battle of Leipzig the Battle of the Nations monument was inaugurated in 1913 in the south-eastern of Leipzig. With its 91 meters it is still one of the highest monuments in Europe. But over the years, inter alia, by the weather a lot of dirt on the monument resigned.

"The adjustment of the air, water and sand through the wet sandblasting system is of particular importance in the treatment of sensitive surfaces."



The challenge

The monument of stamped concrete and granite porphyry disappeared under a dark layer of dirt. The task of the torbo machines which are used: Remove ground-in dirt without damaging the monument. It is precisely for historic buildings have preservation of the substance as well as the gentle cleaning without loss of material a top priority. Another advantage of the torbo systems is the environmental aspect, as by a special metering valve, it is possible to dose the water and reduce abrasive consumption to a minimum.

On schedule to target

No wonder, that they had left the rehabilitation of the imposing monument to wet sandblasting systems of torbo. Even decades-old debris was removed easily and without the use of hazardous chemicals. And the results are unbelievable! Just in time for the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Nations monument in 2013, of over four hectares extending monument complex shines again as the first day.



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