Optimal training for professional use

torbo wet sandblaster are flexible and can be configured for different applications and surfaces. By selecting the settings, the accessories and the blasting media you can realize many different requirements with one device.

Because we are constantly working on technical innovations, we recommend regular users of torbo machines but also "refresh" or the training for "advanced". Trained employees are the best advertising of a representative firm.

But not only users should exercise in dealing with the wet sandblasting. Also, service personnel and torbo partner provides training in business Borken determined new knowledge.

Training types

That your employees are able to use the torbo units perfect, we regularly offer various training programs for users and project manager or service staff at our headquarters in Borken. Our trainer, Mr. Michael Töppich, gives the technical basis and answer all technical questions.
Together with our sales managers he reports on experience and helps the trainees to find the right training.

Target group training type specialties
For users starter Valid for 1 year,
first time torbo use,
tenants of torbo machines
  Advanced Valid for 1 year,
works (in the future) regularly with torbo,
service point with torbo machine
  Refresher validity depends on the usage,
with expired training period,
as a general refresher
  "Soft" only gentle cleaning with torbo
e. g. historic preservation
  "Power" only powerful cleaning with torbo
z. B. concrete blasting
For Service Starter valid for 1 year,
service for starter or interested
users with little knowledge
  Intensive validity depends on cooperation;
primarily affects the torbo Partner
  Refresher validity depends on the cooperation
as well as the current series of machines


Interested in training? Then sign up with us!
For more information we are happy to offer personal advise by phone or mail.


The training card

At the end of the training participants will receive a training card similar to a driver's license. The card not only serves as a proof of completed training and validity, but also to prove customers etc. that he is an expert in working with torbo machines.

On the back of the training card the possible training types are listed. Here is what training in the cardholder received and how long the training is valid. Cardholders should also remember to make an appointment on a new training session in time before the deadline.

Contact us for a training registration can be found here.


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