With your torbo system you can work in all weather conditions above 4°C. However it must be expected that there will be frost damage to the machine at temperatures below 4°C.

To keep your torbo System ready at any time and possibly to avoid frost damage occurs we draw your attention to the manual.

To prevent freezing you should perform the following actions:

Disengange the mixture hose and the hose for the water supply
• Open the overflow and the ball valves
Drain the pressure vessel if still water or mixture is in
Turn on the water pump so the air can pass through the control hoses.

When performed correctly your torbo system remains frost-free.

The winter time is the best time to make the machinery maintenance. Please contact your torbo dealer or the factory in Borken to make an appointment.

We are available for any further questions on the phone number +49 2861 94290. We look forward to your call!

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