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1974 to 1984 

Josef Keizers senior, master craftsmen with his own natural and artificial stone factory developed the first wet sandblasting machine. Again and again his customers had asked him to clean a wide variety of stone surfaces effectively. The technique, which he found on the market did not convince. Therefore he developed an entirely new principle of wet sandblasting.


Josef Keizers senior sign the innovative idea for a patent and founded the company torbo Technik (technology). In the following years one invention follows another. New types of devices for more and more applications are being developed. Decisive for him were his own high demands on the practicality, versatility and durability of the devices. The success story of his invention was as fast as internationally.


The company was named into torbo ENGINEERING KEIZERS GmbH. The business now is managed by Josef Keizers junior. As an engineer he ensures constant technical innovation for which the company holds a lot of patents and utility models.


torbo ENGINEERING GmbH KEIZERS moved in its new headquarters, from which they expanded the national and international business.


25 years of torbo! In the meantime more than fifty countries of the world the products of North Rhine-Westphalia are estimated and used successfully. Their number continues to grow.


The torbo ENGINEERING KEIZERS GmbH is known worldwide as the epitome of modern blasting technology, which is characterized by universal application possibilities and excellent cost savings. Quality Made in Germany, excellent consulting, instruction and absolute customer orientation are self-evident for us.


Get to know the team of torbo ENGINEERING KEIZERS. We want to convince you of our services and products. Arrange an initial interview by phone or mail. What can we do for you?


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